Half-Off Tuition Grant Eligibility Facts:

To celebrate the opening of its Valley Center, Eastern Gateway Community College established a Half-Off Grant for tuition for new students this spring.

The Half-Off Grant will be awarded only to new students applying to the college for attendance at the new Valley Center, 101 Federal Plaza E, Youngstown, for the spring 2013 semester. The applicant must be a high school graduate or GED recipient. The grant will cover half of the tuition charges for credit courses for the 2013 spring semester only. Students must take at least 6 (six) credit hours during the 2013 spring semester at the Valley Center (additional hours may be taken online or at the Valley Center or another Eastern Gateway delivery site).

The Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) must be completed, and all financial aid (Pell, FSEOG) must be used before the Half-Off Grant will be applied. If financial aid covers all tuition costs, the Half-Off Grant will not be awarded. The Half-Off Grant does not cover books, supplies, lab/materials or technology fees.


Email us with your contact information (full name, address, phone number) to: apply@halfofftuition.com


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